Custom designed premises

Opting for custom designed and built homes instead of purchasing existing and the previously utilized house is a new, popular trend among thousands of people worldwide. The main explanation lies in the wide range of benefits gained by building the house adjusted to your wishes and needs and supervising every aspect of construction. Having a good plan and a reliable, professional constructor is pretty much all you need for a start. Custom building companies usually employ architects and designers that will help you specify you desired house and transform it into the thoroughly analyzed plans and finally into the constructed unique, personalized home. However, the custom building doesn’t include the construction of foundation, walls and configuration of premises solely. It usually refers to the particular modeling of every premise or at least the main ones in every home.

Custom Kitchen Design

When designing and constructing a kitchen, every constructor should keep in mind its superb importance in every home. The kitchen is probably the most frequently visited premise in every house, along with a bathroom, and such it requires quite a specific approach and design solutions. Most constructors make a common mistake: impose their taste and ideas to the owner or simply construct a kitchen that generically fits needs and taste of the masses.

This is wrong and often results in expensive remodeling in the near future. The best approach is to assist your client with expert’s knowledge and advice, but to let him direct and develop the idea and final design of the kitchen. Kitchen has to provide a comprehensive mixture of high functionality and comfortable interior and atmosphere, with all of it adjusted to the specific habits and wishes of its owners. Considering the number of family members, their cooking manners, space requests and many other characteristics, you will get the final design with the adequately chosen organization of assets, materials, lighting, flooring and every other aspect.

Custom Bathroom Design

Similar as with a kitchen, custom building homes contractor has to approach bathroom designing. Truly professional and experienced contractor knows that the focus should be on the owner’s lifestyle, not merely on the necessary assets. Since bathroom hosts our most intimated moments, it is potentially the premise that requires the most personalized custom design. The type of bath tube should be determined by owner’s habits and preferences when taking a bath and this asset influences the total size of the bathroom as well. Some clients put practical aspect before convenience, while other want the bathroom that will provide relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Depending on this primary direction, the complete custom bathroom design should be adjusted.

Stairs, balcony, porch

When hiring our company to build your personalized home, you get the chance to construct stairs, balcony, porches, working areas and many other aspects of your house beside main premises. We

provide a large collection of pre-designed models, but these models should only guide you while expressing your unique ideas and plans. Our skilled designers and engineers will analyze your needs and wishes and come up with the unique design solutions for the house that will be a true expression of your lifestyle.