Jonathan Snow, PRESIDENT

“Thank you for visiting my web site. My job is to help you achieve and build your dream home. Please look around the site, learn more about my company and feel free to contact us by phone, or pay a visit and have a discussion with us. ” – Bill Snow, President.


About Us

Jonathan Snow, founder and president of Snow Custom Builders, has personally supervised the construction of over 100 homes throughout Michigan. He has been in the business of designing and constructing custom homes for 34 years and since then has worked closely with several prominent realtor companies.

When you entrust your dreams to Snow Custom Builders, you receive our full commitment and personal attention along every step of the home building process including consultation, home design, and specification writing and supervising your home site. Our focus on superior customer service and construction supervision creates a distinctive experience that equates to a quality custom environment that you can truly call your home.

Snow Custom Builders’ level of commitment and dedication has allowed us the privilege of building the company through customer referrals. We look forward to providing you with such an overwhelming positive experience that you will feel the same about us as our previous clients.

Thank you for visiting the Snow Custom Builders website. We look forward to personal contact with you to discuss creating your dream home. The current address of Snow Custom Builders is 1034 Hayhurst Lane, Bloomfield Township, MI 48302. Also, you can contact  Snow Custom Builders by telephone: 248-797-1519

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Custom Built Homes

The biggest advantage coming with custom built homes is the fact that they are completely personalized. When searching for existing house that will suit your wishes and needs, it takes a thorough search and usually a lot of modifications to get what you want

Quality And Privacy

These two aspects provided by custom built homes are priceless. Since you get to choose all the specifications of your new home, you can ensure the highest quality of everything, whether it’s strength of foundations and walls, the durability of installations, the functionality of assets or materials for furniture

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Stairs, Balcony, Porch

When hiring our company to build your personalized home, you get the chance to construct stairs, balcony, porches, working areas and many other aspects of your house beside main premises. We provide a large collection of pre-designed models, but these models should only guide you while expressing your unique ideas and plans.


Our company truly believes that high-quality service is the best advertisement and the best recommendation to potential clients. Striving to meet the highest standards and the latest achievements in our industry is the leading goal of our company. The construction material we use to build every aspect and phase of every project meets rigorous quality and safety standards, as well as eco-friendly standards. When designing and planning construction of every project, every aspect of the construction process is thoroughly analyzed and adjusted to meet the same highest quality criteria. This includes rational organization of a given space, strong foundations, safe and highly functional installation, adjustment of heat regulation, proper levels of illumination, environmental adjustments and many other aspects necessary for proper construction and functionality of every house or building. Finally, the experts we hire are educated, skilled, responsible and dedicated to every task they conduct. Those are the people you can rely on.



Since every our project is custom made and adjusted to client’s wishes, preliminary design and construction plans are made during consultation with the client. You determine all the required specifications, such as a number of rooms and their functions, and our experts will infiltrate them into final design and plans. 


There are three main characteristics of the home construction when it’s conducted by our company. We supervise every phase of it, work with reputable constructors and ensure the highest quality of utilized construction material. The construction process is efficient, completed timely; the material is used rationally, so you’ll get impressive costs and effect ration.


In addition to our main task, construction of your desired house, our team provides some other services that usually come handy when constructing your home. We can help you move in once the home is completed, store your furniture, provide interior and exterior design services and assist with landscaping.


Aside from constructing a whole new residential home or commercial building, our team provides a large scale of remodeling services. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen and bathroom or redesign living-room or working areas, our experts will provide comprehensive interior design ideas, suggestions of the best solutions and direct connection with reliable conductors.


We are a team of experienced experts dedicated to providing a personalized approach to design and construction of residential homes, with high-quality result guaranteed.

  • Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith is the founder of the company and supervisor of every project. His decade’s long experience, valuable education and strong connections with the best constructors ensure the quality of our services.
  • Emily Dawkins

    Emily Dawkins

    Emily Dawkins is an architect with thirty years of experience and impressive reputation. She creates personalized, unique home designs, construction plans and specifications for the mere building process in every project.
  • Bernard Wilson

    Bernard Wilson

    Bernard Wilson is our main construction engineer and technician. He conducted hundreds of construction projects so far. His experience and skills ensure that each step in the building process is performed properly.


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